Herpes Dating Website


Herpes Dating Website

Dating someone with herpes is quite a task more or so if you are oblivious of all the facts that surround herpes infection. You might fall under the lot of individuals who tend to follow the misconstrued myths that relate to herpes infection. If you happen to find a partner that you fall in love with and they open up after sometime about the infection it is of common knowledge that the situation will be quite serious. hiv-datingEvery individual should therefore endeavor to enrich themselves with knowledge of all that surround herpes infection. This will be very beneficial as nobody is certain of their future encounters and nobody chooses who they fall in love with.

Before choosing to become intimate, it is important for you to go get checked. Checkups will be important as you might also have contracted the disease and knowing whether you are infected or not will help you plan for possible outbreaks. The outbreaks might start showing and if you don’t know how you will handle them you will find the whole experience quite uncomfortable and painful. If you know you are infected you will be ready for the symptoms with the medicine the doctor will prescribe that should be taken during the outbreaks. If you have both been sexually active, chances of you having the herpes virus are quite high. The virus might get into your system during sex through tiny cuts that might not be visible to the naked eye.

Most people dating individuals with herpes tend to think that using condoms will protect them from contraction but this is not true. The condom will only cover the genital part living the other parts naked. Herpes symptoms are quite serious they manifest on or around the genital area. If you engage in sex the fluid from the blisters around your infected partner might find ways to get to your genital parts. The virus might miss small tiny cuts but transmit to the nervous system through the mucus membrane.

Having an open line of communication with the partner will prove important in ensuring you don’t contract the herpes virus. This will also be important as communication is also beneficial in allowing you to protect yourself from possible contraction. If you know of your partner’s cycle of outbreaks you will find it easy to protect yourself by totally abstaining from sex during these times. The herpes virus is invisible to the naked eye and once it gets to the system it can be transmitted to other individuals despite the outbreaks having been subdued.


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