How to Deal with Herpes


How to Deal with Herpes

Herpes has no cure and might in most instances come with painful symptoms that might be tough to handle. This is however not the gauging factor of how one will live and lead their life as one can live the life they are used to living with ease. The disease is caused by a virus known as the herpes simplex virus that exists in two strands. The two strands are of similar structure but vary as they are both responsible for the different types of herpes that is oral herpes and genital herpes. Living and leading a normal life will only be possible if one accepts their condition and familiarizes to the fact that the disease is incurable but the symptoms can be controlled and treated.

As much as many might stigmatize herpes patients, recent research has shown that one in every five individuals is infected with herpes. A great number of the American population suffers from the disease either knowingly or unknowingly hence the advice of opening up to doctors close friends and relatives. Opening up will relieve the infected the burden of having to worry that the family might find out about their infection. The burden of dealing with the disease by oneself will be reduced because family members might choose to stand with the infected as they go about living their lives.

Regular checkups for any individual with a vibrant sexual relationship will prove beneficial. This is because herpes in its earlier stages of contraction is very difficult to notice. If one happens to find out about their condition early enough, they can prevent the ever growing threat of infection. This will however solely depend on how responsible they are.  If they are responsible, they can choose to let their partners know for them to also get checked. In its earlier stages, one can easily transmit the herpes simplex virus to their partners unknowingly.

The recent research showing a large number of infected individuals is the main reason why most uninfected individuals accept other infected individual’s status and find no bother at all in interacting with them. The earlier notion that herpes could ruin one’s life in terms of sex and even interaction is there no more. Doctors and earlier patients have come to prove that one can live comfortably with herpes. This is if they maintain a healthy lifestyle. The symptoms that are quite irritating can also be controlled. Other individuals don’t even experience the herpes symptoms as they have found ways to treat the symptoms experiencing fewer outbreaks or no outbreaks at all.

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